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Furniture Tax Holiday Pre-Sale - Free Delivery & No Interest Financing!
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Tax Holiday Pre-Sale - Free Delivery & No Interest Financing!
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Simon’s believes you can’t have a healthy home without a healthy environment. Each year we work to increase our sustainability and lower our environmental impact through our store operations and the products we sell.


Many tons of CO2 are emitted when a product has to travel a great distance to get to your home, and the further an item is shipped the more packaging is required to protect the item.

Simon’s focuses on local, US-based manufacturers that are not thousands of miles away. By avoiding container ships and producing items in faraway places we are able to drastically reduce the carbon footprint in our products.

Since our products are not traveling far, the ride is much smoother. This allows us to reduce the amount of packaging needed, especially plastic and Styrofoam. Most of our furniture is shipped in eco-friendly cardboard and we recycle all cardboard.


All Simon’s facilities use 100% LED lighting since 2010, drastically reducing the energy required to light our showroom and warehouse.


Most of Simon’s furniture is crafted of solid wood. Solid wood furniture produced from sustainable forests removes CO2 from the atmosphere by capturing it and storing it in the wood itself. Many of our suppliers replant a tree for every one cut down, ensuring that the forests we all depend on will be around for years to come.


We would love it if you bought new furniture every year, but we believe in quality furniture that is designed to last, so over a lifetime if you can buy less furniture. This lowers the waste created during production and longer lasting products stay out of landfills.

Our furniture is produced to order, allowing you to get exactly what you want while reducing waste and unwanted products.